About Us

We Support The NDIS

We are HWBE. Champions for health, wellbeing and equal opportunity. We specialise in NDIS Support Coordination, Youth Education and Community Engagement.

We exist to cultivate a happy, healthy, safe, and adversity-free Australia. Our mission is to provide support and direction for Australians facing adversity. Through NDIS Support Coordination, Youth Education and Community Engagement we build resilience, create opportunities and educate on the importance of lifelong health and wellbeing.

HWBE provides unmatched bespoke support and direction for Australians facing adversity. Over two decades of lived experience, tertiary education in health and education and an extensive understanding of government healthcare and education systems.

Our Values


We are proud of our lived experiences. We provide a unique level of understanding and empathy for clients that others cannot. There is no place for stigma or discrimination in the work we do.


We are committed to helping Australians facing adversity. We give our all, go the extra mile and always do our best. Providing compassion, awareness and tolerance to all people we engage with.


We know first hand that change doesn’t come easy. Rather than sugar-coating, we aim to be honest, clear and straightforward. Setting expectations and supporting clients each step of their journey with us.

Meet Tash

Natasha Wilmann is a registered NDIS provider, health education expert and founder of HWBE.

With a passion for helping people in real and practical ways, Tash established HWBE in 2010. She experienced first-hand the complexities surrounding the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Living with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, disability and chronic illness, Tash has a unique level of understanding and compassion for her clients and members of the community facing adversity. Once an elite athlete, Tash understands the mental health repercussions associated with acquired disability and the impact it has on raising a family, maintaining relationships and working a 9-5 job. She has made it her life’s work to lead by example. Striving to make the most of every opportunity, Tash has used her experience to provide a platform that can help others. Her work as an NDIS Support Coordinator, Psychosocial Recovery Coach, Youth Worker and Community Engagement Advocate provides clients the opportunity to deal with a compassionate, informed advocate and planner who genuinely understands their journey. With an incredible array of tertiary education and leadership qualifications that underpin her programs, Tash also has the vision to support communities and cultivate a safe, healthy and adversity-free Australia.

Tash has worked with: Australian Football League (AFL) – Northern League AFL, local councils, Wellways Australia (formerly) Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, Teacher Training Australia (TTA), The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Inc. (ACHPER), Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group, Volleyball Victoria and VicBeach. Natasha is also an experienced secondary school teacher, sport coach for domestic to elite athletes (Victorian Beach Volleyball Coach) and has created and delivered health programs for students, teachers, parents, health organisations and sporting clubs around Melbourne.

Education background includes: Bachelor of Applied Science in exercise physiology, nutrition and sport psychology. Post graduate qualifications in Secondary Teaching with a focus on bullying, violence, stress and peer pressure. Masters in Youth Health Education and Management focused on Youth Mental Health, Sexuality and Respectful Relationships and Alcohol and other Drugs.

What Is Power?

Some people think power is defined by the amount of money in your bank account. They think it comes from the kind of car you drive or where you work.To some people, power is material. But, not to us. Living up to your fullest potential everyday? That’s power. It’s the ability to overcome adversity and celebrate every moment on the journey. Power is being independent, but still being able to ask for help. Putting in the hard yards, taking two steps back then three steps forward. Power is making the most of the hand you are dealt and knowing you always have something to offer. No matter where your journey began or where you are today. Now is your time to ‘Live Powerful’.



We take a progressive and holistic approach to health and wellbeing at HWBE.

Building balance and supporting in six core areas of health.


Anything that affects your physical body such as genetics, diet, exercise, illness, disability, environment, economic status, physical accessibility to resources and medical supplies and any other factors that can damage or improve your physical body.


Emotional health is not simply feeling happy all or most of the time but experiencing a large variety of emotions (positive and negative). Emotional health includes the ability to regulate and demonstrate feelings in a safe and healthy manner.


Cognitive health includes multiple factors which when combined, create an individual’s intelligence and/or maintain independence. Important factors include the ability to learn, memory, intuition, judgement, language, reason, concentration, planning and organisation.


Cultural health is a combination of social and physical health as it is influenced by our community laws, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and values and has the potential to strongly influence emotional, social and physical health.


Spiritual health often includes the belief of unity with a higher power and often includes higher values of hope, purpose, faith and peace. Spirituality can be a strong motivational factor for improving/maintaining all other forms of health.

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