We Heart The NDIS

Our Services


We take the confusion out of working with the NDIS and other healthcare providers. Our unmatched personalised support enables clients to make the most of the opportunities available to them. By taking control of their wellbeing we allow them to Live Powerful. We specialise in mental health, chronic issues and high functioning autism. We also provide business support and training for a range of industries.

We Heart The NDIS

Registered NDIS Provider


We create programs for high school aged youth, that provide essential life skills and guidance when facing adversity. We tackle the uncomfortable topics in order to reduce stigma, fear and stereotypes. We provide a safe place for young adults to explore, prioritise their wellbeing, improve resilience and Live Powerful.

  • School Education Programs

  • Peer Education Groups

  • Teacher Professional Development

  • Guardian Focused Interactions and Education


We facilitate community events that promote the importance of lifelong health and wellbeing. We provide a platform for communities to Live Powerful. Enabling open discussions that reduce the stigma of mental health and communities facing adversity.

  • Community Activities

  • Volleyball

  • Support Groups

  • Information Sessions