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Information Sessions For Professionals

Here at HWBE it is our priority to cultivate a happy, healthy, safe, and adversity-free Australia. We want to give everyone who needs it the tools to work with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

If you, your group or your business are interested in learning more about making the most of the NDIS, take a look at a selection of our professional development information sessions. If you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Informal information workshops for local health professionals.

Perfect for:

General practitioners, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupation therapists, psychologist/counsellors and other interested health and medical professionals.

What this session covers:

  • The goals and vision of NDIS
  • The role of the NDIS
  • The rights of people living with disability and mental illness and
  • What services are available within the NDIS and why
  • The roles and responsibilities of health services/Professionals
  • The common issues clients are facing when asking their medical professionals for help when applying for NDIS
  • Clearing up any myths and misinformation


Let us visit your workplace and help upskill your team or business.

Perfect for:

Existing or aspiring NDIS providers

What this session covers:

  • What services and items they can provide to NDIS participantsAnalyse individual case notes and provide recommendations

  • Required documentation and forms to be utilised, including appropriate language
  • The rights of NDIS Participants
  • The legal responsibilities and requirements of the NDIS to participants
  • Areas covered by the NDIS
  • What to consider and/or assess for each NDIS Participant
  • What can be claimed and what services and/or equipment can be requested
  • How to request individual items, services and/or equipment
  • Documentation, proof and reports required, including how to ask and wording to be used.
  • Things to avoid and common mistakes

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