Interested in joining us indoors for our pre-daylight savings winter season at Dandenong Stud Road Stadium?

Find out more using the link below.

No Pressure.

Just Volleyball.

Are you a volleyball newbie? Or an experienced player. Join us on the Frankston foreshore this summer for some fun in the sun, supported by qualified and experienced coaches. HWBE Beach Volleyball is a nurturing environment that is perfect for everyone.

A non-threatening environment that allows players to be introduced to beach volleyball. As well as a fun a thriving atmosphere for experienced players.

Beach volleyball without competition, expectation or pressure.

Join us for some social volleyball at sunset. Followed by pizza, drinks with some great company. All welcome!



Food and Drink Provided


I really liked the community building and social aspect of it, which is especially important given COVID and the lack of social contact we’ve all had over the past year. It was also very accepting of everyone no matter the skill level, which made it a lovely, welcoming group.

The flexibility makes it easy to attend and not stress if we miss a day due to work or school.

It’s accessible for all ages and was one of the only things we could do both as a family and with others.

It’s pocket friendly. Not having to fork out fees for registrations, clubs, uniforms and insurance means I can afford this on a single income.

Having had children that have been in and out of various club sports, feeling that they were never good enough to be members or bullied out by others, this was very refreshing. There were no put-downs on age or skill and we were all slowly getting better at our own pace without being forced to the sidelines for ‘star athletes’

We love coming down and are looking forward to returning.

It’s the only place we can actually play volleyball.

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Live Powerful Games

Live Powerful Games by HWBE is a program that aims to include vulnerable and isolated individuals and families, to have the opportunity to socialise, keep fit, and feel like they are welcome in their community, without the pressure of signing up and paying for a full season/year. Participants only sign up for the day they arrive at their chosen sport or activity, there is no requirement for any ongoing commitment.